Music to make love by?

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Had a twitter conversation the other day with a woman asking about acceptable music for Christians to play during sex. Interesting question. I would exclude anything with profanity, lyrics about fornication, adultery, or rape, or anything with background sound that is supposed to be people having sex. Beyond that, I would think it’s a matter of personal preference. Personally, I’d shy away from anything with lyrics, for the distraction factor. That may not be an issue for some. For some, music they really like might be a distraction. Music that is associated with a particular person, event, or time in the past could be good or bad, depending on the association.

What about using Christian music for lovemaking? I don’t see that as sacrilegious (actually I see it as the opposite), but distraction and association are factors here too. If you or your bride fight any “sex is bad” thinking, music that makes you think of God or church might not be helpful during sex.

By the way, the discussion on this was because of a tweet I passed on that said music was a good way help a woman get in the mood. While this is not true for all women, it is for many. A problem for many women is distracting thoughts, and music can help with that. Music also adds cover sound, which will help women who are concerned about being heard.

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3 Comments on “Music to make love by?

  1. Sorry to add yet another comment from a woman (just can’t avoid snooping and reading!), but just a music suggestion. My husband and I love to listen to Sade while making love… smooth jazzy music with lyrics that are soft and sultry. Sets a great mood.

  2. Music is a definite plus for us. Typically instrumental in nature, but not always.

    I’m sure some will find this idea offensive, but we actually have made love to worship music several times. It was an amazingly spiritual experience.

  3. My wife and I have been married for nearly 6 years. Before our wedding, I put together a “Soundtrack for Romance.” We used it on our honeymoon…it was quite the experience.

    The “Soundtrack” for us is mostly classic rock love songs with a bit of Motown soul and jazz thrown in…Barry White and the Love Unlimited Orchestra is always a good one, but there’s everything from Skillet to the Beatles to Bread on that MP3 disc.

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