What/how do you pray for your bride?

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What/how do you pray for your bride?

Are you praying for her, or for you? Are you praying for God’s best, for His will, in her life – or are you praying for something else.

Are you “asking in His name”? As I understand it, this does not mean tagging “In Jesus name, Amen” onto the end of our prayers. Asking in the name of a king meant you were saying that you have authority to ask on behalf of the king – and the answer should be the same the king would receive. However, if you went around doing this, and did NOT have authority to ask in the king’s name, when the king found out about it you would be in deep trouble. So, asking in the name of Jesus means asking on His authority. If what you ask it contrary to His will, then you are not asking in His name, and you can expect to be in deep trouble with Him. When you get a true understanding of this, you become very careful what you pray, and you tend to add “but your will be done” a lot!

Do you know His will for your bride? If not, seek that from Him so you can pray according to His will.

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I’m calling my marriage blogging friends to do all they can to keep blogging over the next three months. As we hit summer, I always see a drop in blog posts from many who I regularly read. I understand that, but I also know that we need what they are doing. If you read other blogs, please do all you can to support and encourage the folks writing those blogs. Leave comments, share their best posts on Facebook and Twitter, make a donation (if they accept donations) or click on those affiliate links, or send a note of thanks. Blogging regularly is a lot more work than it looks to be (especially the second year) so do all you can to help those you feel are doing a good job.

Image Credit: © Lucian Milasan | Dreamstime.com

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3 Comments on “What/how do you pray for your bride?

  1. Hey Paul, we can pray without having to worry if we’re praying perfectly in agreement with His will without being “in deep trouble with Him.”

    The motivation doesn’t need to be negative, because He’s so good that when we pray in His name He listens to all our imperfect prayers and then He does really good things in our lives.

  2. @mathen – I see that what I said could easily be taken differently than I meant. I agree that motivation is the primary issue. I would say making some attempt to understand God’s will for the person you are pray for is also important.

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