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Do you ever feel you did something well enough to get by? It’s not exactly right, but it’s close enough?

The Bible calls that sin. Okay, not exactly, but the idea of close-but-not-perfect is really the meaning of the Greek word translated as sin. The word is an archery term that means, “to miss the mark”. In short, either you hit the bull’s eye, or you don’t. You hit it, or you sin. Granted there are things where “close” is not a sin in the way we mean that word, but I think it’s still a problem, and a bad habit. Trying and missing is one thing – but choosing to miss, choosing to not do as well as you could, is another. It’s easy to get lax about how close is close enough. Once you give in to that, the tendency is to slowly drift farther and farther from the mark – and that will end badly.

Also, realise that what you do does not just affect you – it affects your bride as well. When you settle for less than the best, you put that on her too. She does the same to you when she misses the mark by choice. Have you agreed to lovingly help each other do better? Are you challenged to do better for each other?

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