Fathers – more important than our society thinks.

Father playing with child © Mehmet Dilsiz | Dreamstime.com

For almost as long as I can remember, fathers have gotten a bad rap. During the 70’s an angry, toxic version of feminism dumped on men at every turn, with fathers being blamed for a good many of the problems in our world. Some seemed to think a child would be better off never knowing their father! While that extreme has calmed down, the media has seemed happy to keep dishing out negative messages about fathers – they are either bad, irrelevant, or a joke.

Fortunately, academia is starting to take an interest in studying what fathers really do for kids, and it’s becoming clear that fathers are very, very important. From future happiness, to not going to jail, to making it to eighteen without having a baby, good, caring, active, fathers have a deep and positive impact on their children. Turns out both boys and girls need the input and parenting of a man and a woman; what a surprise!

Thanks to all the fathers out there who care enough to love their kids. Keep it up, and know that even if they don’t appreciate it (yet), you are benefiting them.

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Image Credit: © Mehmet Dilsiz | Dreamstime.com

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  1. Thanks for this. My wife and I strongly dislike commercials that make the dad out to be the dolt; the least intelligent person in a family with a wife and children present. It’s no less offensive a stereotype than portraying a woman as barefoot, pregnant and in the kitchen.

  2. Thanks so much for this post. It is ridiculous to think that either parent is irrelevant. Both bring incredibly important lessons to the children. While sometimes both parents aren’t present in a child’s life, the optimal for raising a healthy, happy, well-adjusted adult is to have both.

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