If nothing else, can you give her consistency?

Depressed by his job © Willeecole | Dreamstime.com

There is a lot to be said for consistency in a marriage – so long as it’s not a consistency of bad. Knowing what to expect, knowing your spouse will be there for you, knowing each other’s limits, all of these are important. If any of these things are moving targets, the relationship becomes more difficult and emotionally draining.

I know we like to think that we as men are the consistent ones, while women with their hormonal roller-coaster are the ones who change daily. While this may be accurate on a large scale for many couples, the reality is men can be affected by many things, and be far less consistent than they think. Our jobs can make us grumpy, withdrawn, angry, and so on. Relationships, how our sport’s team is doing, stress, tiredness, and other external thing can also affect our mood significantly. This is human, not wrong, and not completely avoidable, but it is none-the-less a hardship for your bride if it’s significant or frequent. May I suggest, with several fingers pointed at myself, that she deserves better?

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Image Credit: © Willeecole | Dreamstime.com

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