Don’t take it personally!

Why would you do that to me?!? © Paul H. ByerlyEver know someone who seems to take everything personally? Even if you mean it for good, they will misunderstand and take offence. What about you, are you too quick to take things personally? Do you see hidden motives in what others say about you? Is this especially true for what your bride says?

I have concluded that the majority of what we take personally is not meant that way. Even when it is meant that way, I think it usually says far more about the person saying it than the one it is said about. If someone tends to be rude, sarcastic, or cutting, then it’s really about them, not you.

What harm comes to you if you choose not to take something personally – even if it was intended that way? Seems to me wrongly taking something personal does far more harm both to the speaker and the listener, so erring on the side of not taking things personally would be far better. Besides, deciding you should have been offended is easy – taking back offence, and the fallout from it, is a lot more difficult.

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2 Comments on “Don’t take it personally!

  1. This is a major issue for me and easier said then done. Likely a coping mechanism from my childhood. Really working on it but am looking for any resource for how to battle this.

  2. @Aaron – Best way to deal with something like this is to be very aware of it, and to encourage a few close to you to point it out when you do it.

    Be sure to gauge success on how often you do it, not that you still do it at all. It takes time.

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