It’s okay to disagree on things

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Does it bother you when your bride disagrees with your opinion? It could be politics, sports, food choices, type of movies you enjoy, or any number of other things. Sure, it would nice if she agreed with you (or you with her) about all things, but it’s okay that she does not. Discussing such issues is fine, but feeling compelled to make her change her mind is not. Some men seem to take a difference of opinion by their bride as a personal affront, and some even act as if it’s “disobedient”.

Another problem along these lines is arguing to the point she says she agrees just to get you to shut-up. Or, being so argumentative that she chooses not to discuss things and is careful to never express an opinion if she thinks you will disagree. This just shuts down communication, which is very bad for a marriage.

On the other hand, if you learn to be interested in her opinion, and why she thinks as she does, this will make her feel better about herself and about you. Encourage her to think and express what she feels – even when she does not think or feel as you do.

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One Comment on “It’s okay to disagree on things

  1. Wow this was a good one. My hubby will stay mad at me for days if we hve a disagreement or he gets mad at me. Its frustrating sometimes, because I feel I am walking eggshells to not make him upset. He is a great man otherwise, just that he makes it hard to just have a little issue..I get over it the next min. But even if I get mad about something..he gets mad, that I’m mad! How crazy is tht. He’s not really argumentive, which almost makes it worst, he just shuts down beforehand, and then there is nothing..still praying for strategy on how to deal with this personality type.

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