Allow for, and recognise, growth in your spouse.

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Ever noticed how people want to put you in a box, and then don’t want you to get out of that box? If you do move outside the box, either they ignore the change, or they deny you have really changed. Very annoying, isn’t it?

Okay, now be honest, do you do this to your bride? Maybe not intentionally, but odds are you don’t see always see it when she changes, and you likely are not fast enough to compliment her when she “grows up” in some way. Maybe it’s even worse than that – maybe you are doing things intended to keep her from changing – maybe you are trying to keep her in her box rather than letting her grow up.

Why does this happen?

  • You don’t like change – even good change.
  • If she changes (or you acknowledge her change), you will you will have to change.
  • It’s not the tjomg you want her to change.
  • You like her being limited; it makes you feel she is dependent on you and won’t leave you.
  • Putting her down is how you lift yourself up – so her growing up would lessen your position.
  • The places where she is not grown up give you an excuse to not grow up yourself.
  • You are just too busy to take notice.
  • You don’t care.

Regardless of why you don’t see it, or try to prevent it, it’s wrong. It’s also hurtful to her, and it harms your marriage. Don’t buy into the lie that people don’t change – people can and do change. You can improve the odds that your bride will grow up by being open to it, and by looking for it and complimenting her on any growth you see. You can also encourage her growth by growing up yourself.

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