If your friends saw how you act at home, what would they think?

If the folks at church or your job saw how you treat your wife and kids when no one else is around, would they be surprised, or shocked, or upset? Every family has an inner circle in which they say and do things they would never say or do in front of others. To some extent this is good and even necessary, but it can also be used to hide bad behaviour. This is especially true in families that are dysfunctional due to addiction or abuse, but a milder form occurs in some families that are not dysfunctional.

Yes, this is similar to the post I made yesterday; mostly it’s another way to think about it and thus to uncover ways in which you are not as grown up as you should be. Imagine for a moment that everything you did at home over the last week was recorded. Eliminate the naked and intimate times, and how much of what was left would you be embarrassed for anyone to see? Those are the areas that need work.

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