Celebrate freedom … carefully

Statue of Liberty and fireworks © Konstantin32 | Dreamstime.com

Today is the day those of us in the States celebrate our independence, and freedom in general. I’m a big fan of freedom, and deeply grateful to live in a free society, but I also see the harm that sometimes comes from the desire to “be free”.

It’s been said humans have a deep desire, even a drive, to be free. We see this in our children, as they strive to be free of our influence and control – usually far sooner than they are ready. Sadly, some folks never learn the necessary balance of freedom and responsibility. Many divorces, at least in part, are about wanting to “be free”.

So today, consider what you’re doing with your freedom, and what more you could do if you put your mind to it. How much good could you do, how much could you bless those around you, if you choose to limit your freedom to serve others? After all, that is what Jesus did for us!

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Image Credit: © Konstantin32 | Dreamstime.com

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