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I mentioned that I would be attending a memorial service today. I did not know the man who was eulogized today, and only knew his wife a bit (my bride knew the woman fairly well). I listened to the comments of those who knew him as I have done at other memorial services. Sometimes at such events, where I know the deceased, I’ve observed folks putting a nice face on who someone was, playing up the good and avoiding the bad. You know what I mean: everyone says, “so-and-so was a great friend” or “great employee”, but no one says anything about how he was as a father. Or, what’s-his-name is extolled for being the most wonderful father, but not a word is said about his several ex-wives.

What would it look like if your memorial service showed an honest cross section of who you were: the good, the bad, and the very ugly? How bad would that be? Or, would it look pretty good on balance?

I realise no eulogy is every going to cover the stuff that doesn’t sound good – but I bet those around us, all of those around us, would enjoy us more and be much more blessed by us if we assumed our eulogy would show a true picture of who we had been. My challenge to myself, and to any of you who care to take it, is to live my life so that a brutally honest retelling of my life will tell about an imperfect man who overcame much of his selfishness, and kept getting better until the day he died.

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