Being generous to your bride is in your self-interest

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It seems to me that being generous, loving, and giving with one’s bride is actually very much in a man’s self-interest. Even sacrificing for our brides is, in my view, self-serving.

I say this because I have seen, over, and over, and over, how women respond to love, generosity, kindness, sacrifice, and so on. The rewards of loving a woman the way she needs to be loved are significant. I am convinced that the surest way to get what you want from your bride is to give her what she wants.

Yes, there are always those few rare exceptions – women who will take and take and never give back. However, these women really are rare. Most men who think they are married to such a woman are wrong – they simply have failed to consistently give their wife what she needs and wants.

What confuses me is men who wilfully withhold what their wife wants and needs. Some excuse it as “if she won’t give me what I want, I won’t give her what she wants”. That’s cutting off your nose to spite your face, and I just don’t get it. Other men seem to actually get a perverse pleasure out of jerking their wife around – and I don’t get that either.

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