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  • Bliss A computerized board game that can help you have some good fun, some good sex, and even learn a few things about each other.
  • Book22 Start her engine and keep it running. “The quickest, easiest way men can boost their overall relationship performance!” Tips, a weekly newsletter, and other resources.
  • Christian Love Toys Christian Love Toys’ mission is to provide a safe and sexy place for married couples to shop for ways to enhance their marriages with sex toys, lubes, massage lotions, vibrators, romantic games and much more.
  • Covenant Spice Dedicated to strengthening marriages and increasing playfulness and intimacy in your sex life. From bedroom toys to Christian sex manuals, from body toppings to romantic games, everything you need to keep the sparks flying in and out of the bedroom. No nudity
  • Hooking Up Holy Intimacy enhancing products to help build intimacy and fun within the marriage bed.
  • Husband & Wife Offers a tasteful, comfortable option to the couple that is looking for ways to express themselves intimately and spice up their marriage. Lingerie displayed on manikins.
  • My Beloved’s Garden Candles, sex toys, lingerie, books, music, chocolate, jewelry, romantic games, sex and romance articles, advice, instruction and more. This site avoids nudity by blurring pictures on packaging.
  • Passion Lingerie A nice selection of lingerie displayed on manikins and cutouts.
  • Romance Between The Lines Some very nice (and inexpensive) download-able certificates, and a plethora of other items, including Liberator Shapes. Lingerie on live models with some blurring.
  • The Pure Bed We celebrate sex as God’s gift to marriage. Get candles, lingerie, massage oils, marital aids, bath and spa products, edible body toppings, intensifying/desensitizing balms and more. We want to be your married couples intimacy store.
  • The Sensuous Wife A variety of items, and the only clean site I am aware of that sells Liberator® shapes

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