Would more sex make you happier? Studies say yes.

Happiness: Sex or money? © Timur Arbaev | Dreamstime.com
Happiness: Sex or money?

So you think you would be happier if you and your bride had more sex, right? Turns out there are studies that say you would be happier!  A study of 16,000 randomly selected Americans1, found that for both men and women sex was strongly and positively associated with happiness. The authors of the study said that going from intercourse once a month to once a week would result in the same increase in happiness as the average American earning $50,000 more a year! This study also found that married folks were having the most sex, and that those who had a single sex partner over the last year were the most happy. There you have it: married sex is the best!

Need more evidence? Another study2 looked at 1000 employed women and found that they rate sex as “the activity that produces the single largest amount of happiness.”

Does the kind of sex you are having matter to your happiness? According to a study of 2,810 Swedes3, frequency of intercourse (penis in vagina) “is associated with sexual satisfaction, health, and well-being”. On the other hand, “noncoital sex frequencies independently inversely associated with some satisfaction measures”. What that all means is more intercourse corresponded with feeling better in every way, while couple sex acts other than intercourse did not provide the same benefits.

Studies used:
1 Money, Sex and Happiness: An Empirical Study (Dartmouth – PDF)
2 Kahneman, D., Krueger, A., Schkade, D., Schwarz, N. and Stone, A. (2003), Measuring the Quality of Experience, Princeton University, working paper (no link)
3 Satisfaction (sexual, life, relationship, and mental health) is associated directly with penile-vaginal intercourse, but inversely with other sexual behavior frequencies. (PubMed – Abstract)

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Image Credit: © Timur Arbaev | Dreamstime.com

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2 Comments on “Would more sex make you happier? Studies say yes.

  1. I wonder if that’s a chicken and egg thing.
    Does more sex make you happier or do happier people have more sex?
    From personal experience, I know the former and the latter to be true.
    But the mathematician in me wonders.

  2. Frustratedwife
    This is not news to me, as this is how I feel too. I let’s face it, God made us this way to enjoy each other’s body. My husband has gotten so mad and frustrated with me trying to explain the difference of using his hand to bring me to climax or him being on top of me or me on him. He is asexual and doesn’t understand what difference it makes at all. He doesn’t think it should mater to me . It doesn’t happen very often sadly. I long for the closeness of his body against mine. It’s difficult knowing he doesn’t share that same desire.

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