Anger wrap-up

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Controlled by his anger

If you don’t learn to control your anger, your anger will control you. Your actions and reactions will stop being your choice, as your anger kills off choices, drives people away, and causes you to react in anger without even thinking.

Right now your anger may seem like a good friend, someone strong who has your back and keeps bad things away. But if you rely too much on anger, you are at a very great risk of ending up alone with your anger.

Final resource: If you want to read more about this topic, check out The Allure of Anger and the Entitlement-Mindset Trap

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Links to blog posts that stood out to me this last week:


New Blog this week: The Gottman Sex Blog I’m a big fan of the Gottman Institute (Ten Lessons to Transform Your Marriage and The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work [aff links])because everything they say about marriage is research based. It will be interesting to see how they carry that into this area.


The Gottman Sex Blog

Open and Effective Communication : Questions designed to help you know your spouse’s sexual desires, like and dislikes.
Sex as a Conversation : If you can’t talk about sex, how can you enjoy it?

Journey to Surrender

The Power of Public Praise: Scott laps the competition with this one!

Marriage Life

Avoid Divorce with 5:1 Ratio: Speaking of research based marriage advice …
Recipe for a Successful Marriage: Master these few things, and your marriage is good for life.
The Secret to Long Marriage: In short, never, ever, ever give up.

Marriage Matters

MT Project: I Get to Pray For My Spouse: An interesting perspective …

One Flesh Marriage

“We Haven’t Had Sex In Over a Year!”: This is really for the wives – pray about sharing it or not.
Sexual Intimacy: Journey from Broken into Beauty: A continuation of the above, and with some good insights for men.

Refresh |MarriageToday

Marriage Builder: The Importance of Non-Sexual Affection: Non-sexual intimacy is as critical as sexual – if you are not giving her what she needs in this area, you need to change ASAP!

Romantic Act of the Day

The Time to Buy Her a Gift : Great answer to the question “So, when is it a good time to buy her a gift?”
Tell Her Why She’s Special: Yes, do.
Gift Her Some Music : Great idea.
Wake Her up to some Java: Or tea, or orange juice …
If it’s Important to Her… : Very wise advice.
Chick Flicks : One of the ultimate sacrifices.
Never Forget to Tell Her She’s Beautiful: Great wisdom here, read down.

The Romantic Vineyard

Intoxicating Love: I’m calling this one a MUST READ.
Close Friends: If only one of you likes Scrabble, this could be a way to play together.
Romantic Orlando – The Chef’s Table: Make the meal the date.

Stupendous Marriage

What you Water…: Great reminder.
The Stupendous Marriage Show 006: The Great Recovery, Dream with Your Spouse, Wives Initiate Sex with their Husbands: Great report on something interesting Dave Ramsey is doing, and other interesting topics.

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