A gift that starts giving after you are gone

I have some bad news for every reader of this blog…

Gone but not forgotten © Ricky Corey | Dreamstime.com
Gone but not forgotten

We will all die. Some of you may have 70 years left, or you might not make it through this post. Most men will die before their wife, some by a decade or more, and some won’t live long enough to see their children graduate high school.

I know how sudden and unexpected death can be: my father died at 53 with no warning. Based on his health, and his closest relative’s long lives, he should have made it to 80 easily. But, things happen that we don’t expect. Fortunately for my mother, my father had done a great deal that made his untimely death less of a disaster. He was very organised, and mom knew all there was to know about their finances. He had sufficient life insurance to pay off what little debt they had and ensure my mother would never have to worry about money.

Unfortunately, most men are not nearly as prepared for death, and that makes a very painful situation even more difficult for their widow. Imagine losing your house months after your husband died. Imagine tearing the house apart looking for the will, or the insurance papers, or just trying to figure out if there is a will or insurance.

If you love your wife, take the time to avoid putting her through what I’ve just described. My wife has put together some pages that will help you to do this. PLEASE check it out.

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Image Credit: © Ricky Corey | Dreamstime.com

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