Knowing, believing, and feeling

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The article Knowing that P without Believing that P (confusing title, sorry) is interesting, but I would take it a step further and add feeling.

Do you know that your bride loves you?
Do you believe that she loves you?
Do you feel that she loves you?

On one level, it may seem you would answer all three of those the same way – either yes, or no. However, for many I suspect it’s a mix of yes and no. If she never says it, and does little to show it, you may believe she loves you, but don’t know it, and you certainly don’t feel it. If she says it, but does not show it, you could know and believe it, but not feel it.

Now turn it around:

Does your bride know that you love her?
Does she believe that you love her?
Does she feel that you love her?

If she can’t answer a strong “YES” to all three of those, what do you need to do to change that?

More tomorrow…

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