She’s not your mom

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News Flash: Your wife is not your mother. Yeah, I know you already knew that, but is it possible that some of how you treat your bride is because of your relationship with your mother?

  • Mom was manipulative, so you over react to any hint of your bride doing the same.
  • Mom put up with your ______, so you are mad that your bride won’t put up with it.
  • Mom was clueless, so you ignore your bride’s advice.
  • Mom was analytical, or calm, or focused, so you expect the same from your bride.

Often times the “mom effect” is subtle, and you may miss it. In short, don’t give your bride blame or credit that belongs to your mother, and don’t treat your bride like she is your mother!

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3 Comments on “She’s not your mom

  1. I think the other problem we’re seeing in connection with this is young men who get married, but don’t grow up. They choose to play videogames for hours each day and avoid responsibility at any cost. In so doing, many wives feel like they have to play the role of their husband’s mother since he won’t do the things around the house that need to get done without being nagged. The relationship between spouses should never feel like a parental relationship and when it does changes need to be made. Our culture must return to teaching boys how to become men.

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