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A break in the forest © Daleen Loest | Dreamstime.comMy bride and I spent much of the afternoon and evening with friends today – just hanging out. It was wonderful. It didn’t hurt that they live in a beautiful place surrounded by trees and mountains, or that it was nice enough for us to sit outside in the shade (I LOVE the Northwest!) – but what was great was just relaxing and talking, with nothing we had to do.

I am convinced that we need more of this. By we, I don’t just mean my bride and I; I mean society – at least most of the USofA. We work too hard, push too much, do too much, and it’s killing our bodies and our marriages.

Is your life too busy? Would more nothing-to-do-but-relax time make your marriage better? Talk with your bride about this, think and pray on it. Consider change.

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Image Credit: © Daleen Loest | Dreamstime.com

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Links to blog posts that stood out to me this last week:


New blog this week ”husband”, a user’s guide” is another Twitter find. Good, solid biblical advice from someone who has been doing marriage a lot longer than I have.


A Grown Up Marriage

Dealing with Our Negative Emotions: This is a tough but true and important message.

Black and Married with Kids

What Happens When You Treat Your Spouse As Your Enemy: An excellent article that warns we tend to get what we expect.
All By Myself: Why My Husband Doesn’t Read Good Enough Mother: Is this woman describing you? If so, read and see how your inattention to your bride’s life makes her feel.

Couple Things Blog

Standing Strong: Standing strong when she can’t – and visa-versa.
Two Sides of a Coin: How do you deal with differences of opinion?

Engaged Marriage

Going Solo: Marriage Counseling on Your Own: If she won’t go, go without her.

The Gottman Sex Blog

Sex Love Maps Questions 2, Sex Love Maps Questions 3, Sex Love Maps Questions 4: More questions to help you know each other sexually.

”husband”, a user’s guide”

Handle with Care: Nice look at 1 PE 3:7
A Major League Lesson: Want to be a great husband? PRACTICE!
I Am Special: Do you make your bride feel special?

Journey to Surrender

The Thoughts In My Head: A self revealing post with some good thoughts that apply to many of us.

Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage

Everyone Has a Big But: Have a “but” that you use to justify your sins? Or a but that justifies how you treat your bride? Time to get off that but!

Marriage Gems

Revise Your Criticism for Better Marriage: “Presume the best” – always a wise thing to do.

One Flesh Marriage

Life in Sexual Drought Begging for Change: Changing the focus from your need to a couple change.
Ending the Sexual Drought: Working for change.
Are We Two or One?: Not either/or, rather both/and.

Romantic Act of the Day

Don’t Take it out on Her : Probably a more common urge than most of us would like to admit!
Never Lose the “Wow” Factor : The power of choice – Rich gets it.
Save Those Rose Petals : Romantic AND frugal!

The Romantic Vineyard

The “IF” Factor: How much power do you give “if”?
What Does A Healthy Marriage Look Like?: Tough question!
Water Into Wine – Proverbs 13: “Who are the friends you pursue? And why?” Great question.

Stupendous Marriage

Stupendous Marriage Show 007: Sexy Bedroom, Praying for Your Spouse, Communication Tactics: Stu and Lisa sound like they are having a lot of fun with this – listen in.

Winning at Romance

How to Stay Happy With an Unhappy Spouse: Great article.

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