As God intended her to be

Sign post © Sergey Katykin | Dreamstime.comI wrote recently about trying to change one’s wife, and how that tends to end badly. I must confess that for the better part of two decades I have been doing all I can to bring about a specific change in my wonderful bride; I want her to be the woman God intended her to be.

There are people in my wife’s past who tried to make her into something. Additionally, there have been people who tried to change her, and others who did things that caused her to change away from who she was created to be. To one degree or another, we all deal with this from shortly after birth till we are in the grave; we are pushed and pulled and modified by our circumstances and the people around us. I often see how God use these things to bring about His will for us, but I see other times when people grow into what God intended in spite of these forces. Sometimes these forces move people away from who God created them to be, and from doing what He intended them to do.

I know that the best thing any of us can be is what God intended us to be. I know that being who He made us to be, and doing what He intend, results in greater happiness than anything else. Since I love my bride and want her to be happy, it follows that I should want her to be who God intended and doing what He intended.

It would, however, be rather presumptuous to think I know who God intended my bride to be. If I decided I did know, I would no doubt try to move my bride in that direction, and as I said, our attempts to bring about change often go wrong. Even if I by some miracle guessed correctly what God intended, my efforts would still get in the way more than help. So, I pray: I ask the Lord to make her into the woman He always intended. I also ask Him to use me when possible, and to keep me out of the way when necessary.

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Note: Several blogs have challenged me to do the 7 Links Challenge. We leave in 10 days for three weeks to do a major House Church conference in Florida. We are busy getting ready for that, and I have already laid out posts for the next month. I’ll do the challenge when I get back.

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