Maybe less IS more?

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Several blogs I read have occasional posts about minimalism (the lifestyle, not the art form). On one level this appeals to me a great deal – buy a very small house (like 800 sq feet), get rid of what won’t fit, and live a quiet, simple life. Maybe I am just reacting to the consumerism and constant busyness all around me. I confess I have tried to dismiss the serious minimalists as over reacting to those things. However, what I read from those who choose this life sounds to be high on joy and low on stress.

Ever wondered what life would be like with a lot less stuff?

If you are interested in reading about or becoming a minimalist, check out the e-book Simplify.  

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Image Credit: © Michael Higginson |

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One Comment on “Maybe less IS more?

  1. After living in a tiny 2 bedroom apartment, I would LOVE to live in an 800 sq ft house! :) Then our stuff wouldn’t be so crowded in it, ha! (Don’t worry, I’m a freegan minimalist!)

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