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This is my last pass on minimalism. It also gets at why I think this is a marriage issue.

We have all heard the saying “time is money”. I see this as less than accurate; time can be traded for a variety of things, including money. Trading some of our time for money is necessary in the world we inhabit, but trading too much of our time for money leaves us too little time to trade for other important things – including things that are necessary for a healthy body, mind, and marriage.

What we own costs us some of our time. There is the initial cost (time traded for money, which is traded for the thing), the time and the time traded for money spent in maintaining the thing, and maybe time traded for money used to pay to store the thing. Think about some of your things – especially things you have not used often, or have not used recently. How much time do you have invested in those things? How much more time is invested in keeping those things? What could you do with that time if you could sell the item back for the time you have lost on it? Which things are worth the time you have invested in them, and which things are a bad time investment?

Imagine a radical version of this. Imagine living a simpler life with a smaller house, and far fewer things. What would you do with the money freed up by this? More to the point, with less money needed, might you choose to trade less of your time for money? Then, what would you do with that new-found time?

Here is the marriage implication of minimalism: a lack of time is a major cause of marriage problems, and is a factor in many divorces. It’s not what folks point to, but the reality is a lack of time together, a lack of time for, talking, playing, intimacy (sexual and otherwise), and just being together deeply limits a marriage at best, and usually does harms. A couple with more time together benefits in many ways. Additionally, less time pressure means lower stress levels and better physical and mental health.

Talk and pray with your bride about these issues. What is right for each couple will vary, but I know the majority of couples are too busy, and having too much stuff is a part of that.

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