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I think you’re drifting …

Recently during his sermon, my pastor said, “We are prone to drift.” He is so right about that!

It’s rare that someone just wakes up different one day, or suddenly decides to do something different – especially something bad, wrong, or hurtful. Instead, we drift away from things, or towards things. We do something less often, gradually going from every day to not at all. We start doing something we know we should not do a bit at a time, increasing gradually.

While this is the norm, what others see is usually different. From the outside, the initial small changes are unseen – either because the changes are very small, or because they are intentionally hidden. By the time the changes are apparent, the situation is past drift.

The people who can see our drift, those who can catch it in the early stages when it can be stopped easily, are those closest to us; and who is close to than your spouse? That means our spouse can be, I would say should be, a critical part of your “drift early warning system.” Thing is, that only works if they speak up and we listen. Give your bride permission to let you know when she feels you are drifting. When she warns you, react nicely – even if you think she is dead wrong. Then think and pray about what she has said before you dismiss it.

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Image Credit: © Jordan Tan |

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One Comment on “Check your drift

  1. We had a pastor do a whole sermon series on Hebrews 2:1 Therefore we must pay much closer attention to what we have heard, lest we drift away from it. (ESV)

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