Ten years later

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Ten years ago today the world changed forever for those who live in the States; and changed for many in other countries as a result of ripples from what happened here. Major events like this give us a stop action image of our lives – we all remember where we were when we heard the news, and we have a clearer memory of our lives as they were on that day than days before and after that date.

Take a moment to remember how you were then. How has your life change? If you were married, how has your marriage changed? Have you moved towards your goals in the last ten years? Have you changed goals, or have your goals been run-over by life? What did you hope for? What did you fear? What of those has come to pass, and what has not?

What can you do in/with the next ten years? How can you be a better husband, better father, better friend? What can you do to reach out and help others?

Maybe, as part of this day of remembering, you and your bride can recall together where you were (as a couple, or individually) and discuss what has happened in the last ten years. What do you wish you had done differently, and how can you make changes now?

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Image Credit: © Songquan Deng | Dreamstime.com

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