2069 miles, seven states, and a lot of new friends

A few days ago my bride and I returned from a 20 day odyssey across the South-eastern USofA. Aside from the almost constant triple digit temperatures (as high as 109F/42C) and the fact that Texas was on fire, it was great fun. The reason for the trip, and what covered the cost, was doing the annual House2House conference in Jacksonville Florida. Equipment and stock is stored in Texas, and driving it was the most cost effective way to move it. Since I can do my work from any place with an Internet connection, we took a few extra days and drove a loop that took us through Texas, Arkansas, Tennessee, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, and Louisiana.  Along the way, we got to meet some old friends, and connect with a number of folks we had only met on-line. We didn’t see as many as we would have liked, but there’s always next time!

Over the next few days, I will introduce you to those we visited – some are bloggers you may know, and some folks you don’t know. All of these people are active in ministering to marriages.

Today I would like to encourage you to think outside the box when you travel with your bride. Be flexible, be open to schedule changes, do new things – make memories you will share with your bride for the rest of your life.

I took the picture below from Tsunami, a sushi restaurant on the sixth floor of a museum in Baton Rouge. We had intended to drive through the city, getting a Subway sandwich to eat as we drove, but someone told us this was a must do place for lunch. It was a bit pricy, but we’d had several folks buy us meals, so it was within our overall budget. It’d not the kind of place we normally eat, and it meant a delay in getting to our destination, but we thoroughly enjoyed it and are both glad we made the stop.

The Mississippi river © Paul H. Byerly

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Image Credit: © Paul H. Byerly

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