Marriage Bloggers in real life

As we traversed the lower right part of the country, we had the opportunity to share a meal, or more, with several couples we had come to know from their marriage blogs. The first three:

Stu, Lisa, Lori and Paul © Paul H. Byerly     Stu, Lisa © Paul H. Byerly

First we had a great meal and great conversation with Stu and Lisa Gray of Stupendous Marriage (along with their son who does the cute voice intro on their pod-cast). Yes, they are about like they sound on the pod-cast, and great fun to be with. Stu ran us by his studio and recorded interviews that might someday make it to the web site. Being interviewed by Stu was great, he makes it easy.

Scott, Jenni © Paul H. Byerly   

Then we we dinned with Scott and Jenni of  Journey to Surrender. Having only heard from Scott on the blog, it was great to spend time with them as a couple, and get the whole, wonderful picture. We are at about the same stage in life, and it was nice to talk and share about the changes that come with one’s kids being about grown and about gone. (And NO ONE is talking about slowing down!)

Tom, Debi, Lori, Paul © Debi Walker    Tom, Debi © Paul H. Byerly

Our third meet-up was with Tom and Debi Walter of The Romantic Vineyard. This came the day after we finished the long hard work of the conference, and the Walter’s took such great care of us – wining, dining, and giving us a place to crash and unwind. It was a special blessing to be with a couple married longer than Lori and I (increasingly rare as we get older) and to talk about the art of writing with a true word-smith.

The biggest problem with all three visits was that they were far too short. A few hours, or half a day, and then on to the next destination. We feel much more deeply connected to all three couples now, and would so enjoy having a few days to spend with each. I also find myself even more fervent about recommending their blogs now that I have seen each couple endeavors to live what they share.

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  1. I’m calling an “excessive leaning” foul on that first photo!

    Sounds like you had a great trip.

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