The other three stops

Our other three marriage ministry related stops on our trip were different.

Our final stop was to meet “Sarah Baron” of The Anonymous 8. Sorry, no pictures – it kind of kills the whole anonymous thing! I can tell you Sarah is passionate about what she does, wants to see everyone have better marriages, and knows a place to get the best tacos I’ve ever eaten (that last is 41 years of living in Texas talking).

Before we met Sarah, we visited Christian Challenge – a wonderful church in a suburb of Alexandra LA.  CC has a place in our hearts because they supported us (financially, spiritually, and with a lot of prayer and friendship) when most churches didn’t want anything to do with us. Our first marriage conference was done there, and we’ve missed them greatly since we moved to far away to drive over for a visit. It was great to see old friends and make new ones on our few days there. (We also got to eat alligator – but not as tacos!)

Mossy tree at Parish Hermitage © Paul H. ByerlyOn the way to CC, we stopped to meet the Parish family. Eddie and Judy run Parish Hermitage – a place for “searching pilgrims of faith, weary marriages seeking new focus and vitality… or anyone who hears the call to seek their spirit’s Source”.

I have done Eddie’s web site (pro bono) for a number of years after mutual friends put us together on-line. I’ve talked to a few who stayed with and received ministry from Eddie over the years, and was eager to meet him in person. They put us in the smaller side of the “cabin” (it’s a nice house, actually), gave us the run of the beautiful grounds, woods, and bayou, and feed us a couple of great meals. We had plenty of time to talk, and I found a kindred spirit in many, many ways.

If you need a place to reconnect with your bride (with or without ministry from Eddie), I can’t recommend Parrish Hermitage enough. This is not one size fits all ministry, it’s tailored to the individual, couple, or family. I also know that Eddie has experience working with pastors and others in ministry.

Yes, I’m strongly recommending this place – both because I love the place and the people, and because I am convinced it would be a blessing to virtually any couple.

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