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Beggar with sigh "Will do marraige minstry for food" © 1507kot | Dreamstime.comSome will see this as self-serving, and it in part it is. However, I would never state it this strongly if it was just about me. I see a very large and growing need, and I feel I must call your attention to that need.

As Lori and I meet with various folks who minster to marriages (pastors, counselors, and gifted lay-people) – in person on our recent trip, and on-line with a great many, we hear one thing over and over. “I/we love what I do, and I want to do more, but I can’t unless I can find a way to make a part of my living from it.” A desire to reach more marriages, and the financial limits that prevent that are the two of the most common issues we hear from the vast majority of marriage minsters we talk with.

Does it really take that much time? Yes! We spoke recently with a woman who put forty hours a week into her blog (a well written, great looking blog). She is in the enviable position of being able to give it that much time, but very few of the others we know can do that and still pay their bills. Yes, some make a bit of money off donations and/or affiliate programs, but I don’t know anyone who is even close to making minimum wage for their time. The only exception is those who charge for everything – a choice many of us resist. We do what we do because we love it, because we have a passion for it, because we think it’s important.

So here is the pitch – if you think any of the many Internet marriage ministry sites are doing something worth doing, please look for a way to help them make some money so they can do more of the same. Click on their affiliate links, and make a donation if possible. I’ve seen a number of great sites go dark, and I know money is at least part of the reason for many.

Yes, I’d be thrilled if this results in some donation for me, but I ask for myself from time to time, and I have recently become aware of a need I find very important. Dirty Girls Ministries is an Internet site for women struggling with porn. This is a growing issue, and DGM is doing a great job helping women. Due to their growth, they suddenly find themselves in need of $105 a month for their community software. This may not sound like much, but it’s beyond their current budget. I’d really like to see the men of TGH cover this need for the next year! Go make a one time donation – I already have.

If you want to support what Lori and I do, see here.

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Image Credit: © 1507kot | Dreamstime.com

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