A pastor who shall remain nameless for his own protection shared this video with me.

I think most pastors and counsellors would find the video sadly funny. It seems they are forever dealing with people who need to just “Stop It!” I realise that is easier to say than to do, but sometimes it really is that simple. When a husband or wife is doing something that is destroying their marriage, knowing why they are doing it won’t solve the issue – only ending the behaviour will help. Understanding why your spouse does something hurtful may give you compassion, and that might lead to a time of extra grace, but ultimately you need them to stop doing whatever. Knowing why you do something you should stop doing might help you stop, but often is does not, and what if you never figure out the why? What if you waste years figuring out why, and then it’s too late for your marriage?

The solution is to stop it. If you can’t stop it, then get help stopping. Focus on stopping, not understanding.

Links to blog posts that stood out to me this last week:


I’m still playing catchup on my blog reading – the following is from the alphabetical middle third of my list. I am doing one out of order, as I was told it includes some audio from my bride and me – Stupendous Marriage Show 013: Traits of a Good Marriage, What is the Role of a Husband, and Generosity in Marriage Thanks to Stu for making it easy and making us sound so good!

”husband”, a user’s guide”

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Marriage Gems

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