A different kind of vacation

A week without nagging © Paul H. ByerlyThis is one more follow-up on the Stop It! post from Sunday.

Take a vacation from blame, accusation, anger, checking up on her, and nagging her. Or, if that’s too much, pick one of those things that you do far too often, and choose to not do it, at all, for a week.

At the end of the week, how do you feel? Did your life/marriage get better or worse? Is your bride any different? Were you able to stop doing whatever, or did you keep slipping? If you could not stop, what does that say about you?

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4 Comments on “A different kind of vacation

  1. What about having the opposite problem? I tend to never say anything to my wife because I don’t want to upset her by correcting her or challenging her.
    Of course, she’s happy, but …

    Should I try to take a week and point out things she does ( or doesn’t do) that I feel she should do differently.

    • As a wife, I can tell you that she most probably knows when she says or does something you don’t like, even if you never say anything. She knows how to read your facial expressions, and your body language, and even if that doesn’t tell her, your lack of enthusiasm probably does. Be careful with this kind of thinking, it can definitely destroy her self esteen, and maybe even your marriage.

  2. I’ve decided to try and take a break from commenting when my wife does something differently than how I would have done it.

  3. @Tony – Certainly the other side is a problem.

    The things I listed were not positive ways of communicating problems; not ways that tend to give the desired results, and as such not a problem to stop doing. Open honest communication is different: more difficult, more risky, but more likely to get results. I’ll post something about that shortly.

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