October is testosterone month

Rising graph © John Henkel | Dreamstime.comGood news – your testosterone levels are going up this month. Even better news – the same is true for your wife!

There is a good deal of variation in the studies (much of it due to different methodology and different test groups) but there is general agreement that our testosterone levels are low in the spring and summer, and rise in the fall. Depending on the study, and if it looks at total or free testosterone, the peak is October or December. The short story is that you and your bride will both have higher T levels for the next couple of months than at any other time of the year.

Does this have an effect on sex drive? For some yes, it will mean a higher drive. It may also mean being more responsive sexually – better erections, stronger climaxes, and easier arousal. If your T levels are good, you may not notice a difference, if they are a bit (or a lot) low, you may.

The other side of the seasonal change in T levels is that low levels (April is the lowest point) may result in anxiety, depression, frustration, anger, and loss of sex drive. Research on this is limited and ongoing, but given what we know about the way testosterone affects men, it is likely that some men do experience these things due to the seasonal changes in T levels. One study found a 31% difference between the high and low levels each year. That means a man in the “low normal” range during the fall would be below normal in the spring.

A few additional points. As a man ages, there is a decrease in how much his T levels vary seasonally. There is still a change, but it’s smaller. In addition, the changes in T levels are related to light and/or temperature, so men and women in the southern hemisphere are reversed from what I have given here.

For more information, see Seasonal Variation of Testosterone and Waist to Hip Ratio in Men: The Tromsø Study

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Image Credit: © John Henkel | Dreamstime.com

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