three things in 2011 take four

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Back in January I suggested that you and your bride suggest to each other three things to change or improve during the next year. The three were to include one that was small/easy, one of medium difficulty, and one that would take some real effort.

If you set goals with your bride, this is your nine-month check in. Have you accomplished the goal you choose to work on first? If not, are you getting close? The year is running out!

If you have accomplished what you choose, see if you can do another before the end of the year. If you’ve done two, go for the hat trick (three)!

What about your bride? Do you see any movement, any hint of improvement, on any of the three things you suggested to her? If so, compliment and thank her! If you see no change, and you think she was honestly interested in trying, a nine-month check in for both of you is a good way of reminding each other of the goals so you can each renew your efforts. Start by asking her if she has seen improvement in the things she suggested to you, and follow up by discussing the things you suggested for her..

If you tried this: I’d love to get feedback from you – good, bad, whatever.

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  1. Change is a process. However when you are focused on your spouses change too often criticism judgment and fear wreak havoc in your relationship resulting in more separation. You start thinking everything will be better when they change. For example, I’ll love you after you . . . Instead, Be the change you want to see. What you focus on grows. What you think about you bring about. If you really want to see change. First accept yourself and your spouse for who they are right now. Compliment them on all you love about them. Unconditionally love them. If you have feedback, focus on the behavior and the implications of that behavior remembering to look through all the stuff to see the true greatness of who you are married to. You can only change one person. You. Changing you can change the world.

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