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Man praying © Szocs Jozsef | Dreamstime.comDo you pray about sex? I don’t mean “Please God, please, please, please let her say yes.” I mean pray about your sex life, about keeping it holy, about it growing and becoming better. Beyond this, do you and your bride pray about sex together?

Yes, that may not go so well at first – and that would probably be a good indication you need to do it. Take sex out of me-versus-you and make God a part of it. Seek His will, direction, and peace about your sex life. Ask Him to change your hearts as needed, as well as change what you do in bed together. If you both mean it, if you both want to do what is right with Him, imagine what might change?

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Links to blog posts that stood out to me this last week:


Battle for a Great Marriage

How Do You Make Your Wife’s Burdens Lighter?: A great question to ask yourself regularly.

Couple Things Blog

The Increase Quotient: Are you working at being a better you?
Habits Worth Making: You’re going to have habits, so make them good ones.
You’re Missing the Point!: It;s her, not you, right? Changes nothing.
Kissing 101: Capture, Kissing 101: Surrender, and Kissing 101: Connection: Ready for some advanced kissing?

Divorce Busting Blog

Why You Haven’t Seen Change in Your Marriage (and What You Can Do to Fix It): This is a MUST READ post.

Engaged Marriage

How to Talk to Your Partner About What You Don’t Like Without Starting World War III: An outstanding guest post. This is how you do it guys, this is how.

Happily Ever After

Comparing, Complaining & Competing: Brilliant – if more of us did this, there would be fewer problems.
TV Marriage Counseling: Grey’s Anatomy: I don’t watch the show, but the lessons here are still clear. (And yes, my bride and I explain to |TV characters how they are messing up their marriages.)
Questioning the Legitimacy of a Compliment: A clear warning sign.
Ask HMA: She Doesn’t Think I’m Changing: It takes time for her to believe change is real.
Innocent Bystanders: Collateral Damage of a Broken Marriage: This is a great article – a bad marriage hurts many people.

”husband”, a user’s guide”

Are You Boring?: Want to be like those couples married 25 years who are still madly in love and head over heals happy?

Intimacy in Marriage

What if My Husband Wants To Do Something Sexually That I Find Degrading?: This is aimed at women, but if you are pressing your wife for something sexually, you should read this post, and the follow up.
The Altar of Bartering: Are You Sacrificing Your Sexual Intimacy?: A late, but excellent addtion to this series from Stu and Lisa Grey
Little Irritations are Killing Your Sex Life: Guys, read this as Little Irritations are Killing HER Interest in Sex.

Journey to Surrender

When You Have Nothing Left: Great thoughts on a reality we all deal with at times.
The Power of Your Words: Hint – they have GREAT power.

Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage

Till Death Do Us Part…: An interesting reply to Pat Robertson’s Alzheimer’s divorce statement.

Marriage Gems

A Surprising Way to Boost Creativity in Your Life and Marriage: Hummmm…
Have an Affair with Your Spouse: I got told off last time I suggested this – but I still think it has merit – when it’s done as this post suggests.
Best Advice from Readers: 19 Great Marriage Tips: This is outstanding – do read it.
4 Tips to Boost Libido: All simple, but not all easy.

Marriage Life

Truth is Truth: I agree – do you?
I will protect my spouse’s heart : Are you protecting your bride’s heart?
Spiritual Leaders Unite!: Are you and your bride in sync spiritually?

One Flesh Marriage

Earning Your Man Card: Brad knows what makes a man a real man!
Be Men of Quad 3: A great marriage use of a grid you may have seen before.

The Romantic Vineyard

Sharing Musts For A Healthy Marriage: Share or drift apart.
The Cynic Within: Thing cynicism is a good thing?
A Varietal of Sorts: A great explanation of the 5 love languages.
Don’t Flip When Romance Flops: Great lesson here. And it’s always nice when Debi let’s Tom post! ;-)

Stupendous Marriage

If I Would Have Been the Officiant : It would be an unusual wedding, but not a bad one.
Where Are You?: Take a moment …
Steve Jobs, Sexual Surrender and Budgets on the Stupendous Marriage Show 015: The e-mail from a listener, and the discussion about it, is excellent.

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