What would an expert say about your marriage?

Expert opinion © David Gilder | Dreamstime.comImagine that an “expert on marriage” were to watch you and your bride go about life as usual for a week (minus nudity and your most personal discussions). What would that expert think of your marriage? More to the point, what might that expert tell YOU that YOU need to change to make your marriage better? Would those recommendations just be about having a better marriage, or might the expert suggest your marriage is headed for trouble if you don’t make some changes?

As you explained to the expert all the things your wife was doing wrong, would s/he agree with you, or might s/he see it differently? Might s/he agree with you, but then show you extenuating circumstances you should take into consideration? Might s/he point out places where you are encouraging things you don’t want your wife to do? Might s/he make you aware of things you are doing that interfere with your bride making changes you say you want?

If you can be honest with yourself, this is a great marriage building thought exercise. If you knew you were being observed, what would you avoid doing that you normally do? Why would you avoid it, and what does that say about you, your marriage, and your future? The things you would hide are the things you need to focus on.

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