Incremental Changes

© Pubas | Dreamstime.comI am reprinting  my bride’s Thursday post here because I think it’s brilliant and important (just like she is!)


I recently read a great post by Michael Hyatt – The Power of Incremental Change Over Time.  It just reinforced for me the importance of doing a little bit everyday to effect great change in your marriage.  From his post:

Saving Your Marriage. I had another friend in a really bad marriage. On the advice of his mentor, he started practicing “5 for 5.” He simply walks in the house after work, moves within five feet of his wife, asks her about her day, and listens for five minutes. Though a small start, it has now grown to 30 minutes a day. Their relationship has reversed course.

If you want to grow your marriage, being consistent in the smallest, simplest of things can grow big dividends over time.  Remember to smile at your husband when he comes home or compliment him at the dinner table.  Ask him how his day is going or help him with his Saturday project.  It all adds up to a growing marriage with better intimacy.

You must be the change you wish to see in the world [or your marriage].  Mohandas K. Gandh [parenthesis mine]

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One Comment on “Incremental Changes

  1. What a fantastic post. It is so true.
    If you think back to the beginning of your relationship, you gave your whole attention to your partner.

    You spoke to them all the time. You took an active interest in what they were doing. You paid attention to the way you looked, to impress them. You did everything together.

    Over time your priorities change and you don’t do so much of the above. You start to lose the great connection you once had and you grow apart. So, start dating your spouse again!

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