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I have recently seen several posts and tweets that say something to the effect of:

I’m only responsible for what I say. Not for what you understand.”

I have mixed feelings about this, because it is both true and false, depending on how you apply it. I am not responsible for what you choose to think, but I can certainly do a lot to increase the odds that you will understand what I mean. Tone of voice and body language can make “nice words” not nice at all. History, both with the person you are listening to and with others, makes certain words like land mines. Moreover, we all have different definitions of words, so what a word means to me may not be the same as what it means to you.

If I say something, and what my bride understands from what I say is not what I meant, should I claim I am not responsible for what she understands and walk away justified? No way! My love for her puts on me a responsibility to try to communicate what I mean to her; even if that takes more effort than just tossing out a few words.

Some couples get sidetracked by “why” the listener is not understanding, and then it can become about whose fault it is that the listener does not understand. The resulting discussion (or fight) overshadows the original misunderstanding, and all too often the listener never does understand what the speaker meant.

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