Your feelings are not the voice of God.

I can’t find the source, but I saw this attributed to Dr Eggerichs, with him acknowledging it.

“Your feelings are not the voice of God.”

That is brilliant – and I think it’s something most Christian men need to hear. Being the head of your home does not make your feelings holy, nor does it make what you feel more right or more important than what your bride or your children feel. In fact, being a SERVANT leader means that you are supposed to put their feelings ahead of your own.

By the way, Dr. Eggerichs book Love & Respect: The Love She Most Desires; The Respect He Desperately Needs is excellent. Available in paper back and Kindle (AffLinks)

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One Comment on “Your feelings are not the voice of God.

  1. This book was a jumping off point in our marriage. Absolutely amazing for both the wife and husband’s perspective. It is not at all men/women are wrong.

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