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Now? You want my help now!?

Recently my son got an early morning call from an older lady for whom he does odd jobs. Her pump had frozen, and she needed his help. He was going to be paid, and he has become somewhat protective of this lady, but he was still put out by having to change his plans and drive to her place in the country to help her. The situation was an inconvenience for him, and he blew off steam about that as he got ready to leave.

I realised that I was seeing myself in what my son was doing. His reaction to being inconvenienced was very similar to the way he has watched me react to being inconvenienced for the last twenty years. God grabbed my heart at that moment and I was saddened and ashamed of how I react to inconvenience. My reaction is hardly what I would expect Christ to do, and it’s not at all loving. I have tended to let people know about it when they inconvenience me – especially if I deem them “worthy” of my doing something for them despite the inconvenience. Even worse, I do it to those close to me, including at times my bride.

I did not like what I saw of myself in the mirror that was my son that morning, and I have spent about two weeks working through those things. I will post more on this the next couple of days, but first I would ask each of you to think about how you react when those closest to you inconvenience you.

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3 Comments on “Inconvenience

  1. Good post! It sure does make it sound quite to stupid when you put it that way.

    I realize that I am so protective of my time that anyone who wants some of it is “stealing” from me. Thanks for the good word!

  2. Ouch. You really hit close to home, Paul. Instead of receiving these inconveniences as unexpected opportunities to share the love of Christ, and being thankful for them, I also am guilty of grumbling and making sure that others know I am being inconvenienced. Even though I think I’m being subtle about it, I want others to know just how much I am sacrificing in order to fulfill their wishes.

    I am ashamed to say that I do this often.

    Please change my heart, oh God…

  3. Ok, this post is hitting way too close to home. Yes, I had a huge inconvenience today, and God has used this post to help me apply what I’m reading in Andrew Murray’s book, “Humility.” It’s easy to read a book and agree with what you read. It’s another thing when God and YOU make applications that can’t be missed which require serious repentance. Thank you! The Lord has used you, Paul, to help me see my sin. And I pray that God will help me change – for His glory.

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