I see I’m not the only one being inconvenienced!

Look at what I did! © Svietlanan | Dreamstime.comThe comments and e-mails tell me I am not alone in dealing poorly with being inconvenienced. Here are parts of a couple comments that resonated with me:

I realize that I am so protective of my time that anyone who wants some of it is “stealing” from me.

Yes, exactly; that is how I have treated it. It’s bad enough that I do this to others, but I have also done it to my bride at times. I tell her she is important to me, but feeling she is stealing time from me does not fit with that. I tell her I put her needs ahead of my needs, but in reality that was only when I found it convenient.

…I also am guilty of grumbling and making sure that others know I am being inconvenienced. Even though I think I’m being subtle about it, I want others to know just how much I am sacrificing in order to fulfill their wishes.

Same here – I really want folks to know it’s an imposition. Then if they apologise I would say “No big deal.” Yeah, like anyone believed that. It was not just those I was sacrificing for I told, I wanted others to know and to praise me. Ugh, makes me sick when I see it for what it was. It reminds me of Matthew 6:2:

“Thus, when you give to the needy, sound no trumpet before you, as the hypocrites do in the synagogues and in the streets, that they may be praised by others. Truly, I say to you, they have received their reward.” [Mt 6:2 ESV]

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One Comment on “I see I’m not the only one being inconvenienced!

  1. Good stuff Paul !

    Lest we forget… If our Brides most important emotional needs are NOT being met by their grooms, they will get them met by another man… PERIOD ! If their need for YOUR time, attention, servitude, kindness, patience, affection (…all, inconvenient outside of Agape) GO UNMET… You’ll probably lose her to deep depression, or another man, whichever shows up first.

    If your Bride were to be stingy with her body, unwilling with her sensuality, brooding and dispassionate, impatient with you IN BED… you’d feel pretty unloved ! Think about it.

    James Dobson once said that adolescents have an unspoken, subconscious exchange that tends to happen between the genders… Boys give affection, consideration and thoughtfulness for sex, and girls give sex for affection, consideration and thoughtfulness.

    We are not THAT far removed from these simple, adolescent ways.

    It’s not too late to begin giving yourself and your time cheerfully. Put impatience, competativeness and “it’s MINE” out of your marriage entirely ! You will please God AND your Bride.
    Amen ?

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