I choose to be better

Choose - the same, or being better. © Maksym Yemelyanov | Dreamstime.comThis post follows up on If I felt better about me … which comes from I see I’m not the only one being inconvenienced!

So, I have figured out why I am not reacting as I think I should to being inconvenienced, and I realised that those issues are things I had mostly dealt with. This makes it relatively easy, as I am dealing with a habit rather than something driven by my past. The solution is the same be it habit or past, but it’s far easier this way.

The fix? I chose to be different. It’s as simple and difficult as that. I decided how I want to react to what I see as inconveniences. I want to see them as opportunity to show my love, to serve, to give, and to mirror the Christ I follow.

I enlisted my bride to help by letting her know what I had discovered, and how I wanted to change. I know she will help me keep what I want to do in mind by asking me about it, and by lovingly letting me know when she sees me either succeeding or falling short. Then I started to look for “inconveniences”.

Yes, I have had many opportunities to practice this change over the last couple of weeks. I’ve not always done as well as I would like, but I’ve not totally blown in on any occasion, and sometimes I’ve done rather well. The trick now is to keep on top of it, even when I get busy or stressed. A couple of months and it won’t be what I choose to do, it will be my first reaction.

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Image Credit: © Maksym Yemelyanov | Dreamstime.com

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