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I got some push-back via e-mail on my God, drugs, and depression post from last Sunday. A few points and clarification on that issue today.

First, I am not of the mind that drugs are the first or best choice for depression. As I said in Will your insurance let you get the best help? “For some drugs are the only hope, and for some they are the best option, but for many they are neither the only or best choice – especially long term.” The post also pointed out that insurance companies tend to cover prescriptions, but not talk. This means drugs are pushed more than I think the should be. I think we have many folks on drugs who could have gotten help without drugs, and we have folks taking drugs far longer than necessary. No, I am not a doctor, but I read many medical sources, and there are doctors saying the same thing.

As I see it, the drugs are best used as a short-term help while teaching the person better ways to deal with things. Putting them on drugs and leaving them on drugs is like giving lifelong painkillers for something and never even trying to find the cause of the pain.

I’ve had a couple of friends who did antidepressants for 3 to 6 months, got off, and never want back (more than a decade for each now). In one case the guy had to fight to get “permission” to get off the drugs. He finally said he was going to back off with or without the doctors help. The other made it clear going in that short-term drug use was the goal. This is all about being an informed part of your own care.

I realise short term is not possible for some, and I understand some will need drugs for the rest of their life. I am not “looking down” on this. I’m just suggesting there are other options for some.

I think part of the problem among Christians is the feeling that it’s bad, or a sign of weakness, or lack of faith to seek help for depression. This is a problem because depression tends to spiral down, and fear, pride, or shame mean many don’t make any real attempt to deal with it until it’s gotten bad. It would be like getting a cut and not cleaning it or covering it, then only going for help when the smell of the infection was driving folks away. What could have been taken care of if a few minutes with a first aid kit becomes months of drugs and surgery.

If we as a church can take the shame out of depression, a lot of it could be dealt with far earlier and before it was so bad that drugs were necessary.

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3 Comments on “More on depression

  1. Just a thought…. 
    Perhaps if we stop eating junk and eat the foods that God has provided for us,  we would be less depressed.  

    Healthy eating,  whole foods,  no wheat/gluten,  eliminating “frankenfoods”  and processed foods,  have been proven to eliminate general depression symptoms.
     Side effect.. weight loss and more energy that leads to a better self image that leads to more fun in the bedroom…. :)
    We are a society that is quick to to try to fix something with a pill,  when a majority of the time  the root problem can be fixed nutritionally.
    Yes.. there are exceptions and there are people born with chemical imbalances.
    This is a Nature vs Nurture issue.
    Bottom line is that a Pill is not going to fix a problem created by living & eating & drinking in a way that is polar opposite of what God intended.
    Please brothers and sisters…. do the research on what I am saying… 
    Just Google “Wheat and Depression”.

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