Do something, do ANYTHING!

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I’m not always a fan of “just do something” but if your marriage is on a collision course with divorce, or being a marriage in name only, then anything that is not an outright sin is likely to be better than continuing to do the same old thing.

Often we are afraid to try because we don’t know what to try, or we are concerned we might make it worse. I’m not saying it’s impossible to make it worse, but doing nothing on a sinking ship is a sure way to drown; any attempt to fix things is better than a sure trip to the bottom.

Aside from this, the reality is that anything you do will shake things up, and that can lead to awareness and to good changes. Trying something that “fails” can precipitate changes that make things better. If nothing else, you will make the point that you want to see things change, and that you are willing to make an effort to see that happen.

Don’t just stand by and watch as your marriage goes down for the count. Get out of your comfort zone, and out of her comfort zone, and see what happens.

Resource: A couple days ago, Lori Lowe said something on her Marriage Gems blog that might be of some help along these lines. Check out 10 Ways to Get More Adventure in Your Marriage.

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