What does forgiveness mean to you? To your bride?

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Awhile back I read an interesting article – Can Compassion Transcend Forgiveness? I found his conclusion to match my understanding of biblical forgiveness; we don’t forgive because we are better than the one we forgive, we forgive because we are also imperfect and we know we have harmed others just as others harm us. Beyond that, if God has forgiven me for things for which I can’t make amends, shouldn’t I show the same love and grace to those who wrong me?

What about in marriage? If you forgive repeatedly are you saying that what your bride does to hurt you is okay? Are you making it easier for her to wrong you, because she knows she can “get away with it”? Does she resist forgiving you for some of those same reasons?

In my mind, forgiveness is something I choose; it is an act of my will. I don’t forgive based on who my wife is, or what I think of her, or how I feel; I forgive based on who I am and what I choose. I don’t forgive to change or manipulate my wife, to get something from her, or to avoid something bad. I don’t even do it for her, for how it will make her feel. I forgive because I think it’s the right thing to do and because I want to be the kind of person who is forgiving. My bride is very much the same, and each of us understands this about the other.

No doubt that joint understanding helps – we each know why forgiveness is offered, what it means, and what it does not mean. I know that her forgiving me does not mean I am free of consequences, and I know that she does not think my forgiving her means she has “gotten away with anything”.

Why don’t you have a discussion with your bride about what forgiveness means to each of you. Make it clear to her why you forgive, and what it means and does not mean. Have her do the same.

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Image Credit: © Embe2006 | Dreamstime.com

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