Tis the season to overwhelm mom

Busy Christmas to-do list © I4lcocl2 | Dreamstime.comToday on Twitter I watched several women I know discuss their love/hate relationship with Christmas. The bottom line was they are run over by too much to do. This is especially true for these women because they are mothers. If you have kids, especially kids under high-school age, the chances are very good your bride has mixed feelings about the holidays, with a bit of dread in the mix. May I suggest it should not be this way?

What you can do about this will depend on your family, on how much you are willing and able to do, and how much you and your bride are willing for your family to not do this year. Have a long talk with your wife, and start by saying you don’t want her to feel stressed or overwhelmed for the next several weeks. Then, rather than starting with all that you normally do and cutting things, start with nothing and add till you hit “enough”. Start with what is most important, and question if each thing really is important, and why.

Yes, I know I’ve hit this idea several times this year. The reason for that is that I am seeing more and more holiday burn out, and I’m seeing it earlier and earlier. Jesus came to give us life and set us free, not to make us slaves to traditions and the desires of others. Over the last half-dozen years, our family has significantly simplified our holidays, and the result is we enjoy it more. Please consider my words, and please assume until proven wrong that the holidays are more difficult for your bride than they are for you.

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Image Credit: © I4lcocl2 | Dreamstime.com

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2 Comments on “Tis the season to overwhelm mom

  1. I think I was one of those women! I have a hard time getting into the Christmas spirit until a couple of weeks before – mostly because I know this time of year adds a bunch of stuff to my plate, and I don’t really have room on that 9-incher to begin with. So it piles. By Christmas eve, though, I’m all smiles, camera shots, and “thank you, Lord, for your son Jesus!” Happy Holidays.

  2. When I was younger, I remembered a time my Dad took me out Christmas shopping for my siblings and Mom. I started that tradition with my kids a few years ago. I pick a day during the season for each of my kids. On their day, I hand each of them a $100 bill and let them pick a place for just the two of us to have dinner. They pay for dinner and then have to budget the remainder for gifts for their two siblings and my bride. I love it because it gives me one-on-one time with each of them, they love it for the same reason and end up fighting each year over who gets to go first. I’ve since started keeping track of who went first in previous years so we can rotate, but it’s usually a great night together and one that I cherish and think they do too. Throughout the year my bride and I stash away cash to cover this night. The kids really get a kick out of holding a large bill as it’s not something (nor I for that matter) get to do often.

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