Why I call my wife my bride

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How he sees me …

A few months back someone sent me an email in which they said “my wife (I won’t call her my bride) …” Apparently, he thought it was silly or something like that.

Why do I call Lori my bride more often than I refer to her as my wife? I think words matter, and the words we choose have power both to shape both how we see things and how others see things. Three good things come from my choice of “bride”:

  • When I call Lori my bride, it communicates something different to you from when I call her my wife. For most, I think it communicates a different level of love and interest. A man who says “wife” may or may not feel that way, while a man who says bride is far more likely to do so.
  • My use of “bride” rather than “wife” makes Lori “feel a bit more special”. It better communicates my love and caring to her, and that’s a good thing for both of us.
  • Finally, I think my choice of the word bride had a subtle, positive effect on how I think about her. My verbiage reminds me of how much I love her, and keeps my focus where I want it.

Is there some place in your marriage where a word change might communicate something more accurately? Is there some place where a word change might affect how your bride sees herself? Maybe your current word choice makes her feel bad, or unimportant, or maybe it does not make her feel as important as you think she is.

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Image Credit: © Lightpoet | Dreamstime.com

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8 Comments on “Why I call my wife my bride

  1. Couldn’t agree more.
    Once I heard someone say that a woman is only a bride for one day, and then she is a wife. I couldn’t disagree more. The day I married her my bride was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen….she still is! Calling her my bride reminds me of the site I saw the day we made our vows to God and to eachother. It reminds me that she is not just another woman, she is special… set apart. There is also a spiritual side to the word “bride” that doesn’t exist when you say wife or spouse. It’s just deeper. I’m glad you posted on this.

  2. Yes yes yes! Paul you hit this nail on the head! My husband and I just talked about this, so he sent me today’s post. When Frank calls me his bride, I feel my soul brighten. It makes me feel so precious to him!

  3. I agree with this 100%. Not only does it make my wife feel better and I think more loved, but it also reminds me of what she is to me. I can always take a little reminder of how much she means, and is, to me.

  4. My husband and I love each other dearly, and we are Christians. I told him I found it creepy. He said, “I’m glad you feel that way, it creeps me out when I hear someone else say that.” That’s just us.

  5. My hubby calls me “my bride” all the time & I love it! We’ve been married almost 6 years now and I feel so special that he thinks of me as his bride rather than just wife.

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