The power of the group

Two couples playing games © Monkey Business Images Ltd | Dreamstime.comEarlier this week I was at a meeting of church planters, and I heard two things that I think are true of marriages:

“A church is not mature if it is not connected to other churches.”

“We should not have different corporate and personal values.”

From that, two hard questions for you (and me):

  • Do you and your bride have relationships with other couples? Not you and the husband and her and the wife, but the four of you as a group. These relationships give strength to marriages. You gain and offer accountability and a positive peer pressure. Ideally, you have such relationships with couples with marriages both more and less mature/strong than your marriage.
  • Do you and your bride have different values in private than you have when you are with others? Do you agree with certain things in the group, but then act differently in private? I see only one excuse for this, and that is the “weaker brother” issue. However, the weaker brother should affect our actions, not our words. If we agree to something we don’t live, we are lying. If you need to lie about what happens in private, something is wrong. 

Those of us who are following Jesus find ourselves in a minority. Even in the supposedly Christian nation of the USA, the majority are not making a real effort to follow Jesus. This means that the peer pressure of the world around us pushes us in ways that are not healthy for us in many ways, including not healthy for our marriages. If we want to fight the drift that can come from living among those who follow something else, we need to surround ourselves with those who are going the same way we are going.

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