Two Husbands I Deeply Respect

Tomorrow I start a series on a report that says generosity is good for marriage (who knew?!). But first …

This blog is not called The Generous Husband because I think I am that man, but because I want to encourage all husbands to move in that direction. Today I want to honour two men I think are the epitome of The Generous Husband. I give you:

Tom of The Romantic Vineyard and Scott of Journey to Surrender:

Tom, Debi © Paul H. Byerly
Tom & Debi
Scott, Jenni © Paul H. Byerly
Scott & Jenni

I have had the privilege of meeting both of these men, and of seeing how their brides look at and respond to them. I see that they make their brides feel safe, loved, respected and cherished. From reading what they have written, and what their brides have written about them, I know these men go out of their way to bless their wives. I also know that each of them is a student of their wife – studying her carefully to know everything possible about her so they can better love, support and bless her. Finally, I know that both these marriage has stood the test of time, each having their silver anniversary in the rear-view mirror.

When I have been married as long as these two men, I hope I am even close to being the man and husband each of them is. They are an inspiration to many, myself included, and proof that a real man can be a great husband.

Scott, Tom, to you I say well done. Please keep showing the rest of us how it should be done. May you have many, many more years of wedded bliss.

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Image Credit: © Paul H. Byerly

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4 Comments on “Two Husbands I Deeply Respect

  1. Wow, Paul, I’m honored and blessed by your comments. Blessings to you (and your bride) for all you are doing for marriages!

  2. So true! These two couples are amazing and we are honored to be doing ministry with them! They along with Paul and Lori are so special and we look up to them as examples and mentors! Thank you for all that you do! May you continue to share what God has laid on your hearts and we pray that he will bless you in your marriages!
    So Very thankful for you all! :)
    Brad and Kate

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