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God is the centre of our marriage.

This is another post based on information from When Baby Makes Three, the 2011 State of Our Unions a report from the National Marriage Project.

The report has some encouraging things to say about the importance of faith, and more specifically for a shared faith, with regards to marital happiness and not ending up divorced. For men and women, “both spouses having above average marital spirituality” was the third highest predictor of not being prone to separation or divorce. For men this was the fifth most important predictor of being very happy in their marriage. Additionally, both spouses attending religious services at least once a week was the fourth highest predictor of not being prone to separation of divorce for men.

Over all shared religious attendance results in an increase in the likelihood that married couples with children will say they are “very happy” their marriage – nine percentage points up for men and 14 for women. Additionally, such couples decrease the chance of separation or divorce –  a 15 percentage point drop for men and nine for women . There are two key words there – attendance and shared. Identifying as religious does not have any effect, but actually attending regularly does. (This is the standard of true religious expression that Christian researcher George Barna has found to be the most accurate). Secondly, the attendance must be shared – both husband and wife must go. 

Even more substantial was the effect of both the husband and the wife agreeing that “God is the center of our marriage” with a massive 50% increase in both genders saying they were very happy in their marriage.  What’s more, these couples have only a 1% proneness to divorce.

Bottom line: Faith can make a huge difference to both the happiness and longevity of a marriage, but that faith must be active and shared by both spouses.

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One Comment on “About that shared walk

  1. This definatly goes to the basics of relationships, and what the foundation is based on.

    Every couple before they decide to get serious, should definally know where they are spiritually, and make a effert to attempt to gain God in their loves, and have Him as the foundation of the relationship.

    If you and your spose dont have the same spiritual foundations, then the marrage is defiantly going to have some rocky roads.

    However, if you are seeking Him in all you do, and belive we serve a God of grace, mercy, and above all else FORGIVENESS, there should be nothing that holds your marriage back.

    I pray this has helped someone, and that this is understandable.

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