Do you have unreasonable Christmas expectations?

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What are your Christmas expectations? Are they reasonable? Do your expectations get in the way of you and/or your family having a good holiday? Are they making it difficult for you or your family to celebrate the true reason for the season?

A few to get you thinking:

  • What do you expect in the way of gifts? Are you often disappointed in what you receive? Do you feel your bride misses it or does not put enough effort into what she gives you?
  • Do you have too high expectations for how your kids will behave? What about extended family, do you have unrealistic expectations for how family gatherings will go?
  • How about traditions – do you get upset if one is missed or “done wrong”. Traditions are great, and a good way to build love and make memories, but when the tradition is more important than family you have a problem.
  • What about sex? Do you get upset if your bride is not up for sex Christmas Eve or Christmas day? If you think sex on this day is somehow required or that it’s more unreasonable to skip on these days, that is going to cause problems. It’ is great if you can manage it, but given the stress, business, and tiredness it’s more reasonable to assume it is unlikely.

What else? Use the comments to share expectations (yours or hers, or others you know) that spoil the holiday.

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