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One thing most women can’t get enough of is hearing heartfelt feelings of love and appreciation from their husband. A great way to do this is to write a love letter. This gives you the chance to get it just right, and it allows her to read it repeatedly.

A love letter is not about what you hope for the future, or anything you want her to do or change. A love letter is about her, how you love her, and why. It’s telling her she is wonderful, and telling her why. It’s being a mirror for her best self, letting her see things she about herself she plays down or does not see. It’s telling her how much you like being with her, and how you look forward to many more years with her. A love letter might mention how great she is in bed, but only if sex is not a problem area for the two of you. 

You have a few days till Christmas, so get with it. Make some notes first, over the course of a day. Organised the notes and do a rough draft. It should be a single page, two at the most, and not in microscopic print. Go over it several times, letting it stew in your mind between edits. When you have it just the way you want it print it out on nice paper using a special font –or do it by hand, if you have legible handwriting.  Leave it on her pillow, or tuck is somewhere she will find it. Be sure she will have time to read it when she finds it.

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Image Credit: © Ishmeriev | Dreamstime.com

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6 Comments on “A free gift she will love

  1. Sadly, this is an area I missed for a long time. Since I was happy if I heard that she respected me once every few months, I tended to compliment, remind, reinforce at about the same frequency. Compounding that was the fact that her primary love language was words of affirmation.

    Fortunately, God was exceedingly gracious and gave us both a wake-up call 12 years ago. A blessed Christmas to all.

  2. I love the idea of a love letter for Christmas! My wife is going to be receiving one in her stocking this year.

  3. My husband (who is so emotionally unexpressive that I refer to him as Spock at times) wrote me a love poem one year. I TREASURE IT! It isn’t Shakespeare or Browning, but it was from his heart and it touched mine deeply. Even if a husband doesn’t feel like writing is his thing, his wife probably will love it anyway. Great idea for hubbies, Paul.

  4. A few years ago we were struggling financially at Christmas time and my wife told me that all she wanted from me for a gift was a love letter. I was able to get her some other small thoughtful gifts, but the most treasured gift that year was a love letter. I have written her one every Christmas since, and it the one gift she looks forward to more than any other.

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